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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thirsty (for stuff) Thursday - Marine Mania

       Happy Thursday! To be honest, I have no idea where the week has gone. I thought Tuesday was Thursday but then realized that it wasn't...and that's where I have been all week...floating in the ether. 
ANYWAY, I hope your week has had more structure than mine leading out of the fog of confusion. 
       On a happy note Last night I met my boyfriend's parents :) It was a success! They are very kind people and we got along quite well. 
    Onto Etsy, please meet Bigg-Mac: my latest creature. He is a crab. And would like to be worn rather than eaten...but this was my first attempt using props in Etsy photos. What do you think?

Biggy-Mac Necklace

Biggy-Mac Necklace

     On to this week's theme-- Marine Mania: a collection of items that are reminiscent of the ocean. I wanted to do more than just really pretty jewelry (of which I am a sucker for) so please enjoy a variety of goods from great vendors!
{Yin Yang Goldfish Pendant Necklace by LicketyCut} $20

{Pacific Indian Lily Earrings by KristianaRose} $25

{Glass Lamp Work Beads by radiantmind} $9

{Purple Nautilus Shell Ring by indieboheme} $10
{Seaweed Handmade Thread Earrings by FunkyLobez} $22
{Sea Shell Hair Barretts by LandlockedMermaids} $17.50
{Black Lava Sea Salt Soap by TwinDreamCreations} $4.50
{Octopus Tentacle Pillow by zenthreads} $26

{Feather Hair Extensions by phatcatpatch} $23.99
{Turquoise Necklace by lulieyal} $18

{Bly the Octopus Buddy by LavenderStarlight} $5

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this week's collection.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me. Thank you and take care!

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