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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My newest addiction: Pseudo-Stained glass earrings

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  /evil cackling

Creators, lend me your eyes! I present to you the newest additions; fresh off the slab and here on your screen: pseudo-stained glass earrings!  Ta-da! *poof*
Feast your eyes upon their transparent beauty. The glory of these earrings is that they are made with simple aluminum wire and color tinted glaze. It works very similarly to a liquid bubble wand: the glaze is smeared across the smaller wires and the surface tension keeps it from popping. The clear glaze gives the transparent look (which is like stained glass), thus earning the prefix 'pseudo' since it is not made of glass. 
Because I think this technique is incredible I have been inspired to create several earrings with different colors (ROYGBIV). Inspiration began to infect my tiny brains after completing the colors of the rainbow. I wanted to kick it up a notch, like Emeril, *POW* and started making shapes:  my first attempt were ocean waves, which were then followed by tropical green leaves.

I love that each pair is unique and quite beautiful in it's own right. Click here to see the rest of my creatures. Or here to take one as your own pet.

Thank you for your time, but now I must depart for the haunting hour begins! Muahahahaha...