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Monday, April 25, 2011

Make it Monday: Embellish Your Tops

     Happy Make-It Monday! This week I've procures a couple of cute t-tutorials just for you and just in time to spruce up some tops for spring!
 I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Mine was pretty nice despite lots of coughing. I want to thank you if you visited the IPL weblink. the inner geek in me game out and I spent most of the weekend watching Starcraft2 games with the BF.

      Have you heard of the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? It has been all the rage for my family members and a couple of my friends. My Aunt, uncle and cousin gave me a copy for Christmas and, in all honesty, I was reluctant to read it...but now that I've started it its tough to put down! Go figure. It really is a good book so if you're looking for an intriguing read for you nook, kindle, library: The Hunger Games.

On a less geeky note I felt inspired by last week's post and decided to make my own Anthro inspired necklaces and I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I didn't want to buy any supplies...and just kind went with it. I like it!
{Citrus Twist Necklace - Anthropologie}

My Anthro inspired necklace
Lani Twist Necklace!

This week's tutorials come from:
She has a few cute ways to embellish tops you already have!

Hope something inspires you! Thank you for stopping by, it is greatly appreciated! Take care and have a Grrrrrrrreat week!