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Monday, April 4, 2011

Make it Monday: T-shirts into Jersey Knit Bracelet by V and Co

 Today's Make: Jersey Knit Bracelet by V and Co.

Happy MONDAY! It is finally beginning to feel like spring in the east bay. The sun has been shining (consistently) and the temperatures have been in the high 60's to mid 70's! Warm enough to a tank-top, skirt and flip flops...just my kind of weather. I've been noticing that my dog has a strong love/hate relationship with this kind of weather. She loves it because its warm, sunny (she's a sun bather) and we go on long walks...and those are the exact reasons why she hates this weather! It's too darn hot to stay outside for long. At least it mellows her out. :)
 This is not my dog, but it sure does look ready for spring!
This is my "puppy" she's about 2 and my craft supervisor. 
Taking a break to sunbathe...oh the good life!
I feel incredibly lame...I've been looking forward to this week's How-to but I haven't even done it yet! Gosh  >_<  So last night I decided that I would visit my parents today. And the goal was to finish it up this afternoon and post pics but I (lamely) forgot to pack my camera. Which brings me to this very moment with a t-shirt, fingers, scissors but no way to visually document the process. :(  I suppose the pics will have to be posted on Thursday along with this week's edition of Thirst (for stuff) Thursday. Truth be told I've been dying to do this for a while. Here is the link: V and Co. They have created a wonderful tutorial and I hope you check it out. 

Here are my newest creatures: 

Wow: Periodic Table of Elements

Again, sorry for being incredibly lame. I hope you liked this tutorial and my new little creatures. Take care and keep in touch!

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