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Monday, April 18, 2011

Make it Monday- Anthropologie Necklaces

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      Happy Monday! Today's Make-it Monday will be comprised of a few crafts. I've stumbled upon this her posts several times at and am constantly impressed. For today's intent and purposes she does a wonderful job of taking jewelry from Anthropologie (one of my favorite, way to expensive for me to actually buy something, stores) and recreates it herself for much less. 

     So, if you love, LOVE, love Anthropologie but don't want to hash out the cash for their goods make it yourself! I'm not much of a necklace wearer but these tutorials definitely make me want to try it out. Oh yeah, and I have a couple new items out in my of which happens to be a necklace!

Green Erlenmeyer Flask Earrings 
$10  They are a little smaller than I normally make them, and they are so fresh and so green,green! <-- I really enjoy typing that.

Teal Erlenmeyer Flask Necklace $10 
Alright, here are the pics and the blog source links will be below them. Most are pretty simple and look just like the actual store product!

{Source: Anthro Pernilla Necklace}

{Source: Anthro Into the Woods Necklace}

{Source for Athro Inspired Necklace }

{Source Anthro Limitless Strands Necklace}

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  1. Your green flasks are so cute!!

    The Anthropologie inspired necklaces are very pretty and a great idea. I love recreating things I've seen that I can't afford to buy. Then I can make them exactly the way I want to, so they're better anyway!

  2. Thank you very much. I'll admit that the flask jewelry is my favorite.
    I totally agree about making minor adjustments to jewelry making it beautifully unique.