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Friday, November 12, 2010

TUTORIAL: How to Make an Earbud Zipper case

I am in awe of the person who thought of this:
Original Link:

This looks like a great instruct-able but I didn't care to pay mulah for the how to. After hours of staring cockeyed at the 4 available pics I was able to reconstruct this awesome headphone zipper case. 

Let's get this party started!

1. Get a pair of head phones and a very long zipper. I used a zipper from a garment bag (like this
I suggest going to your local Walmart or Target and purchasing a bag with a cloth-like material. You can use plastic but it's more difficult to sew, and more likely to tear.

2. Measure the width of the item you want to encase and mark with a pen/safety pin/etc, and then fold one side onto itself. Make sure that the zipper teeth are facing upward.
3. Sew. Be sure not to sew completely across. Leave a little space towards the bent end. That's where the head phones will be inserted.
 4. Insert the end of the head phones and pass thru the little hole. Looking inside of the case you'll notice a little channel; tuck the cord into that channel and sew.
 5. Take the other zipper leg and wrap it around. Make sure the zipper teeth are facing upward.

 6. Wrap until the zipper legs can overlap, making sure that the teeth are facing opposite directions. Like this:

 7. Sew. Be sure to sew the edge  of one (furthest from the zipper) to the other edge (closest to the zipper) to create the channel for your headphones. Sew until you reach the point where the earbuds split.
8. Start on the end with the head phones.
    Fold the zipper half over the headphone wire and sew. Sew until you reach the split.

 9. It will look a little funky...
The arrow points to the split.
10. Now zip up your head phones! the loop near the split should zip comfortably into the case.