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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Folly

Let's start a new tradition for the blohg. I was thinking of  "Today I Learned." 

So, today I learned that When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food. 

     NEW FEATURE on the site. If you enjoy crafting and tend to frequent a Michaels Craft store then I have a present for you! If you glance to the left of this post in the text box that is titled 'Word' there should the a link to this week's Michaels coupon. Pretty nifty, eh? I plan on making sure each link actually links to a current coupon. But if it doesn't work, please message me to let me know.

Funny as it sounds I am finally realizing that it is autumn. The 75-80 degree weather, tank tops and flip flops had me fooled for a while but the orange/red leaves falling off the trees do not lie: it is definitely fall. In honor of this lovely foliage I decided to create festive fall foliage fearrings.  Ok, that alliteration failed but the earrings did not! 


Golden Orange Leaf Earrings

Feeling the need to shimmer and shine.

Next to it's leafy counter parts.

Here you have it. Again, you can see more at my flickr and etsy shoppe. These have not yet been added to the Envy shop, but will be soon. You have seen 'em first on my blohg! Thanks for stoppin' by! Ta ta for now.

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