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Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Knock the Knitting

Today I learned (TIL): Crafty hands are dexterous hands.

Fellow knitting/crocheting youth, have you been criticized for enjoying a past time niche that is perceived by the general population to be a "grandma hobby"? As we all know, knitting, tatting, and crocheting are by no means a "grandma hobby." In fact, posting this "antiquated" hobby on my resume landed me today's job a scientific laboratory at UCSD. Now, if you're may be wondering "what does knitting have to do with a science lab?" we're in the same boat. The person in charge of the lab (aka Principle Investigator) correlates hand/finger dexterity with craftiness. So let's give a two thumbs up for knitting!

Aside from prepping for this job interview I was keeping my nimble fingers busy with these new pieces.
Peas in a pod earrings - part of the Fall Harvest Series

These earrings were inspired from a few foodie earrings I found at etsy: polymer clay food earrings

I've also tried me hand at making a larger necklace pendant...

I'll have figure out how to add some weight onto the pendant to prevent excessive flapping.

These are my newest creations and I hope you like them. I've already created an advert for my Etsy shoppe. Don't forget about this week's Michaels coupon.