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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thirsty (for stuff) Thursday - Etsy Desirables

Happy Thirsty (for stuff) Thursday!

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  • New items after geeky finds

This week I have perused Etsy's geekery showcase. This week ranges from geek --> Treky --> pretty --> science goodies from wonderful sellers.
Vulcan Felted Doll - woolykins

Circuit Board Necklace- boardaments
I hope you enjoyed this week's Etsy desirables!

My new items:
These insect wings are inspired by all of the insects buzzing around in the recent warm weather.

Cellular mitosis - metaphase earrings

Special Order - Nonpaper cup caffeine molecule earrings

Special Order - Blue Butterfly Plastic Earrings


  1. thanks for using my brain brooch! Love the Vulcan! haha!

  2. Thanks for using my circuit board necklace. Great blog!

  3. The artists who made these are, indeed, very creative. They are certainly capable of making cool etsy items! I like the circuit board necklace, actually. Where did the owner get it?