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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thirsty (for stuff) Thursday - Scrambled Goods

I've been featured here: *Note: fellow bloggers please feel free to contact and have your items featured too! They're very nice and I'm looking forward to see how this tuns out.

My new creatures: Periodic Table of Element Words


The popular ThINK

Here is this week's Thirsty (for stuff) Thursday stash of  etsy goodies. Please check 'em out and let the power of purchasing compel you!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE  her work. Please check out her shop!
Woodland Wonders Handmade Green Maple - - fionakatherine

Bird of Paradise Vapor Fine Art Print- TheVaporTrail
Upcycled Paper Earrings - homeECOnomics
Butterfly Necklace - MySelvagedLife

Poppy Earrings - taylorseclectic

Leaves Two Lavender Sachets - LaTouchables

Floral Wooden Earrings - OohLookItsARabbit 

Ornate Spade Fleur de lis Earrings - FableAndFury's

Hope you enjoyed this week's round up. Stay tuned, and don't forget to email to enter for the next Free Friday Earring Giveaway!

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